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Sharing some broad examples of how I've both been the writer and led the writing across a variety of projects. 

Video: Case Studies

Concept: Share the impact of a product or solution on a business' goals

Desired outcome: Amplify and elevate offerings for customers, foster pride internally

Roles: Producer, Creative Director, Senior Writer 

This example: Dell's experience with Microsoft Customer Support

Communications Plan

Concept: Establish messaging around the concept of success for an internal audience

Desired outcome: Create clarity around how an account team can best operate

Roles: Creative director, Senior writer 

This example: CCE in Action. CCE stands for Connected Customer Experience. it's the strategy the Microsoft Support utilized to streamline customer touchpoints. 

Social Media

Concept: Create messaging and a communications plan for a music group

Desired outcome: Help them stay connected to their fans and build their audience. 

Roles: Executive Creative director, Senior writer 

This example: Storm Boy messaging doc

Video: Guidance

Concept: Illustrate how Microsoft utilizes their own products and services

Desired outcome: Showcase how best practices create results  

Roles: Writer, Creative Director 

This example: Microsoft Modern Communications

Internal Communications

Concept: Create communications plan for an internal moment

Desired outcome: Help 14,000 employees around the world understand the true value of working at Microsoft and how they connect to the company values. 

Roles: Senior writer, Creative Director 

This example: CSS Values Comms Campaign

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