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Customer Stories

Challenge: Tell the stories of how customers achieve their goals through products and solutions. 

Role: Creative Director, executive producer

Support: Color Creative

Voice of support customers

The Microsoft Customer Service & Support organization was looking for ways to jumpstart their customer success storytelling. It was my job to figure out how best to align the identity of Microsoft with a modern aesthetic that would lead to a new voice of the customer campaign for the org to rally behind. My role was executive producer and director: plan, budget, produce, procure crew, travel to Texas and lead the shoot, oversee editing, and align stakeholders. This video was used to introduce the launch the new round of CSSLive All Hands events to rave reviews...with only Covid interrupting future productions.

If you're curious about the planning it looked like this. The pre-production is one of the areas I put most pride in. Planning, background, prepping, and making Sur eI'm completely ready for anything that happens. 

While we're at's a playlist of even more customer stories I've led through to completion. 

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