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Often times when looking at a job description, when we get to the part where they list the education requisites as X degree/education or equivalent life experience. I am the equivalent life experience. 

My journey has been one of a weaving, winding variety that included many stops. I’ve been a musician, an actor, a professional wrestler, a graphic designer, a photographer, a bartender, an editor, a writer, a motion designer, and…I can keep going. 


These experiences gave me an ability to connect, to collaborate, to share, and to understand. They gave me an ability to approach differently. Combine those experiences with the time spent creating, guiding, driving, and executing creative at a high level with a tangible authenticity for big visible brands then we've got something! The variety of experiences also provided me with the understanding that innovation is key; there’s always a new medium to explore and create within as well as push the boundaries of. While I feel I possess a master level understanding of video, messaging, photography, branding, and identity, I’m driven to explore areas like mixed reality and artificial intelligence…what can we create next? Let’s find out!


Some images of work are below. Want to connect? Scroll down further.  Want to see some featured work? Check that out here


Let's make something

Want to talk color theory? Rock n roll? Tacos? Pro Wrestling?

Got it! I'll get back to you ASAP

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