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I draw pictures and make them move. That's kind of a metaphor. 

I've got a passion for story telling and have over 25 years personal experience and 20 years professional experience with it. I've got the drive to lead projects to the next level and the hard skills to know what's possible within the desired time frame. Check out these case studies of some projects I've led. You can view a more photography specific gallery here or a video specific gallery here.   

Keep checking back for more!

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Branding and Identity

Microsoft Strategy Identity

Learn about how I helped 18000 people  find a common voice.



Voycheck Identity

Learn about how I helped a hard rock band visualize their identity

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internal Comms

StandUp CSS

Learn how I kept 15,000+ global employees connected


Integrated Media

Storm Boy

Learn how I brought the idea of "Let's do it together" to life



CCE in Action

Learn how I helped Microsoft support sellers in the field better understand what success looks like


Customer Stories

Voice of MS Support Customers

Learn about how I tell the stories of goals that become realities


User Experience

Showcasing User Experience

Learn about how we created clarity and awareness while amplifying features

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