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Branding and Identity

Challenge: Help a hard rock band visualize their identity

Role: Creative Director, executive producer


It’s important to make sure we’re not just spending all of our working on one style or type of content. I try to keep a diverse mindset by staying connected to one of my earliest loves, music. I work with bands to help them connect their visuals to their audio…help them understand how the full experience is connected. Voycheck was one of those bands. 


Voycheck was a hard rock band with a sound reminiscent of nineties hardcore. They leaned on political messaging that focused on social justice and the elevation of society.  They decided on their name after hearing the story of the Polish war bear Wojtek. They had western-ized the name in hopes that bookers and promoters wouldn’t have issue spelling it. Next we connected on what the name means and how it relates to their message- stripped down and stirring, inspirational in tone, and of the people.  


We decided to lean into the Russian Propaganda imagery, specifically created during the space race. This imagery was felt to be tonally correct in its aspirational quality:

All of us coming together, looking to the heavens, building a better experience there while fixing the world here


While that was a great start, it was felt that it was still too clean. We needed to make it more gritty. For that we turned to Saul Bass. His hand cut paper style was the perfect way to connect the earth and the stars. 


Lastly, we looked at how their live presentation translated. It was decided they needed a way to feel connected, united, even. For that we looked to a more modern interpretation of the future- the Expanse novels. We looked at how the people of the belt were depicted, utilitarian jump suits and industrial strength nerve. So we put the band in matching jumpsuits and patches detailing their “mission.” 

When we put it all together, it looks like this

F*ckingProfessional Promo

F*ckingProfessional Promo

A video to tease the release of Voycheck's debut full length: In 100 years….when all the time capsules are opened, what will the future say about the time in which we currently live? Who are we as a tribe, as a nation, as a people? What was our story? Will they laugh at our quaint little Kindles, our clunky wearable tech and our heated cupholders in voices like Alvin from the chipmunks declaring his desire for a hula hoop repeatedly? Will they laugh at our repeated inability to accept the qualities of others regardless of gender, race or religion? Will they clasp their hands to their mouths, in aghast fashion, over images we don’t even realize could be compared to the poor taste of Coon Chicken Inn or Sambo’s. Either way, the world will progress, regardless of the current appearance or short-lived, small-handed trends. We exist in forward momentum with occasional missteps. The past fears the future and must, sometimes, be placated by the present. The album you’re about to hear includes those elements. This album is built as a story: like a book or movie to be taken in as a whole. We will introduce characters, reference other events and include aspects that may be viewed as offensive, but are intended as a literary device to progress the story. This is a story of change. This is a story of protest. This is a story of war. It’s the story of the people that are forcibly removed from their homeland. It’s the story of the men and women that, after being oppressed have found the power to rise up. It’s the story of those that take action. It’s the story of the rebuilding of a nation. It’s the story of the journey of civilization. This is the story of the conquerors that are often revered but are rarely people of merit we would want to continue to follow in life as we did in battle for so often when our successes are in destruction our failures are often in construction. Are they people that stand in the way of progress? Who do they become when the war is over and they’re discarded? That could be part of the story. This could be the story of the time in which we live. We could be at the dawn of that century. We could be living at the beginning of that story. This is that story...the story of #FuckingProfessional…the story of the business of war:where business is booming.
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