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Our conversation yesterday got me thinking about a couple things that I wanted to share examples of with you. 

TIER 1: Executive message or key moment. 

GE + Microsoft

Telling the story of how Microsoft helps GE achieve their goals.

Used within a keynote by Satya Nadella at Microsoft Ignite.


Part of 6 video assets:
5 Minute deep dive (used in booths)
4 30 second snacks for social

Executive Creative Director (MS): Douglas Montague


Creative Director/Senior Writer (MS):

Matthew Waddell


Executive Producer (MS):

David Beauparlant


Senior Art Director/Shorts editor (MS):

Chas Roberts


Production Support

Word Famous 



Ranger + Fox



Run Studios

TIER 2: New product or feature launch, not necessarily tied to key moment. 

Introducing Microsoft Planner

Sharing how companies could use a new product by Microsoft to help employees stay on task


Executive Creative Director:

Douglas Montague


Creative Director:

Chas Roberts


Post Production Support:


Run Studios


Microsoft Studios

TIER 3: Existing product or feature awareness or internal message, fully templated content. Potential audience less than 20,000

Highlighting features in OneDrive for Office 365


6 short snacks that showcase collaboration features in OneDrive shared in blogs and social media

Creative Director: Chas Roberts

Editors: Patrick Flaherty

Thomas Nichols
Ashley Smith

AR Value

In thinking about the potential value to be had sooner in the field of AR, especially as it pertains to Adobe, there’s a lot of potential within the live presentation realm to create more interactive event presentations. This is especially apparent as I look at the content on the Experience Cloud websites. The imagery really feels tailored towards mixed reality experiences. 
I’m imagining a presenter on stage, in front of the traditional giant LED screen. A QR code appears on either side of them. Attendees scan the QR code during the presentation and are given real-time examples of what that presenter is referencing. The challenge presented in this experience is really on the presenter being able to continue to move forward undaunted by an audience glued to their screens. However, this could also be a way to create a more inclusive experience for those attending remotely. 

Pardon the extremely rough in situ demo. 

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